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An Essay On RPG Battle Mechanics Redundancy: Intensity vs Expression

When I first came up with the idea for my hardcore tactical RPG loot game over 8 years ago, my goal was to take every cool core feature from every RPG I loved and cram it into a super awesome […]


Armor And Barrier Are Not As Fun As I Was Expecting…

One of my earliest wants in the game was a rich hit system with differing types of defense and attack. Towards that end, I had added 2 stats: armor and barrier. Armor would absorb physical damage only, and barrier would […]


Damage Types: Are They Worth It? And If So, How Many?

Fire Damage. Acid Damage. Magic Damage. Physical Damage. The list goes on and on. As a player, and at first glance, I was always excited about the idea of being able to make a build that feature maxing out a […]


Grrbls Battle System Introduction

The main reason this game has been taking foreverrrrr is because my whole focus has been on a battle system that is (hopefully) infinitely deep without being overly complicated to get your head around. I want the emergent gameplay to […]