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A Ray Of Light At The End Of The Tunnel — Massive Update

In my last update, the world was in a different place and we weren’t all trapped inside! But things have been progressing rapidly and I didn’t want to write anything until I was certain we had hit a certain milestone […]


Alpha Testing, Polish, Game Balancing and More!

Howdy! We are on discord, come join us: Things are constantly influx but the direction is always forward. The game has seen a lot of progress from a design perspective, an engine perspective, and an art perspective. Let’s tackle these! […]


Development Update: Massive News

Howdy! It’s been quite some time from my last update but rest assured I’ve been working hard to make Grrbls…and its now at a point where I can update you with what I consider pretty “feature locked” game play updates. […]


Development Update: It’s All About The Mechanics

This past while has seen some ups and downs and it’s been all focused around the core game play loop. The stats we choose to include, and exclude, have large long term ramifications on the game play, how well synergy […]


Development Update: New Monster Type, Trap Rooms, and Updated Grrbl Editor

Happy 2019! We are overdue for an update so let’s get to it. First on the list is the updated Grrbl editor. I’ve got the updated stat cards and configuration setup so you can see it in all its new […]


Development Update: Actions, Perks, And Stats — Oh My!

It’s been a very busy month since last I posted but this has been one of the most productive sprints yet. The game is approaching a very playable alpha. I think in the next little while I will be able […]


Development Update: Gear GEAR GEARRRRRRRRRRR!!!

I really wanted to do a lot more frequent updates and I will try to do that going forward. But my day job required me to start commuting 5 hours a day (starting in August) and so I’ve focused my […]


New Grrbls Updates Coming Soon

I’ve been a bit silent this past month, but rest assured for a very good cause. Many systems of the game which had been working in isolation (like the equip screen, quest screen, dungeon screen) have been put together, and […]


Not All Plugins Save Time

So this past week as been a lot of non sexy work. I’ve been working on the save system, which is one of the more complicated aspects thus far (which I really didn’t expect). I’ve written custom serialization (save) systems […]


The Brutal Problem Of Power Creep & Fun

Balancing around power can be a brutal problem. There is a great video by Extra Credits where they talk about power curves in card games. Watch it now (it’s the video at the top) before reading the rest of this […]