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Not All Plugins Save Time

So this past week as been a lot of non sexy work. I’ve been working on the save system, which is one of the more complicated aspects thus far (which I really didn’t expect). I’ve written custom serialization (save) systems […]


Managing All That Sweet Sweet Data

This is going to be a very technical post so you’ve been warned 🙂 Perhaps the task I spent the longest time on so far was figuring out exactly how to store and manage all the data for all the […]


The Various Types Of Types Of Types

If you were to look at my code base, one of the most common words you would see is “Type”. Everything is a type, and many things are many combinations of types. For example, a monster is a type, and […]


Why Targeting Is Not So Simple!

I’m sure you’ve played games like Final Fantasy 6 where the enemies are on one side and your party is on the other. When it’s a units turn, he picks an ability and then picks a target (friend or foe). […]