Not All Plugins Save Time

So this past week as been a lot of non sexy work. I’ve been working on the save system, which is one of the more complicated aspects thus far (which I really didn’t expect). I’ve written custom serialization (save) systems before and they can be quite tedious. I tried to save some time and spent a couple days getting a plugin to work. However I found out that after I got it working, it was making my load times 100x slower. My game went from loading in 20 milliseconds, to over 8 seconds.

Not the most exciting update but I thought it was worth sharing that while I have found some plugins that do make life way easier (like Odin), you always need to test things to see how well they work on scale and in production.

It is frustrating to spend time setting something up only to tear it down but that is par for the course and happens all the time. I will admit I am dreading writing my serialization system from scratch but I think I will have to.

In happier news the game is getting closer and closer to a vertical slice and someday I might even get to show you actual gameplay. But until then just pretend it’s everything you’ve ever wanted and more. I can’t possibly fail with hype like that!

I'm the guy making Grrbls.

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